Up On The Downs Teaching Resources

Up On The Downs Teaching Resources

We have been delighted to be commissioned by Up On the Downs Landscape Partnership scheme to create resources which will support teachers to use the Downs of South East Kent in their teaching and to inspire learning. Whilst the Downs have been used traditionally to teach science and geography, the website has been created to inspire teachers to use the Downs for a wider variety of subjects, including Maths, English, History and Art and in a cross curricular way.

The resources have been created in grateful collaboration with staff from secondary schools in the area to ensure they are relevant, and clear. Teachers were also involved in deciding the content and structure of the website. They wanted clear, easy to access information about relevant locations (parking, facilities, such as tours and relevant contacts for example) They also requested risk assessment information and short film clips to support the planning of trips.

Skilled practitioners worked with teaching staff to create a range of inspiring lesson plans and extension activities. We identified six key locations on the Downs where activities could take place, however many of the activities could take place in a a variety of areas across the country-even in  school grounds!

The website is now live at www.teachingonthedowns.org.uk  See below for a film clip from Whinless Down, Dover.


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