Ignite a lasting love of Reading & Writing in your pupils!

Ignite a lasting love of Reading & Writing in your pupils!

Are you looking for an exciting workshop to inspire your pupils to engage with literacy  in a whole new way?

Our workshop will be tailor-made for your school to fit in with your timetable. Our experienced creative practitioners will inspire your pupils through the use of popular children’s authors.

Using a variety of interactive creative activities our workshop will inspire a passion for reading and provide inspiration for your pupils’ own creative writing through the development of  their own imaginative characters.  Our skilled practitioners will bring well known childrens’ author’s writing to life, ensuring books are accessible and enjoyable for all pupils, even those traditionally less likely to enjoy reading for pleasure. Do your children have a favourite author? Just let us know and we can design a bespoke creative workshop just for them!  Workshops can be tailored for different year groups and group sizes.

One of our Creative Practitioner says: To write we must first visualise – we needn’t consider writing as sedentary.  I encourage children to move around!  Great authors are inspired to write by their life’s activities.  They don’t sit with a blank page and their fingers crossed, giving themselves a hard time.  My workshops involve everyone getting active, exploring and role playing.  I introduce a basic yet key emotional story dynamic to support their reading and writing. Inspiration can come from all around us.  Learning how to look again at the familiar and re-imagine it.  Play with ideas. Have fun!  Teaching children the creative language involved in exaggeration and the potential  performative shifts. Using simile, metaphor and exaggeration to create rich, incredibly visual, sometimes witty language.  Teaching them to be playful and push their ideas further, to layer them. How to take inspiration from combinations of familiar animals, objects and places.   How rich this simple experiment can prove.   How to not be precious with your first idea, but to roll several out and choose your favourite.  To keep all ideas in a book and dip into it when needed.”

Some feedback from schools:

  • The workshops were full of energy, interest and relevant to exactly what the children need to focus on when writing stories and being creative.
  • The children particularly enjoyed moving around and creating characters. They enjoyed using their imaginations to create characters from every day objects.
  • The practitioner was very flexible, enthusiastic and good at managing the different groups across the school. All the children benefited from taking part in the workshops due to his manner and delivery of the workshop.
  • Thank you for providing a workshop that was really relevant to what children need to work on and develop in their own writing.

To book your workshop, email Mandy Skelton on mandy.skelton@future-creative.org or call the Future Creative office on 01304 370310

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